Les Fils du Facteur "The postman's son"

Unplugged French Chanson With Electro and Pop Tones

For 5 years, this romantic song writer and his wild and beautiful fellow accordion player roam the streets, bars, clubs and festivals. Their style could be qualified as “French party chansons with poetic and melancholy notes”. These self taught musicians nurtured with eclectic and cosmopolitan influences draw their way with panache flirting with a wide range of sounds to build their universe of sounds. They like to create songs that are catchy and happy, but also moving and sentimental ; they too love to play remakes on their own way.

Duo - Trio or Quartet
Sacha Maffli Voice Guitar Emilien Colin Accordion Keytar Voice Antoine Passard Drum Voice Olivier Raffin Keyboard Bass
Le Fabuleux Jukebox "The Fabulous Jukebox"

With this concept, the Postman’s sons propose a new style of interactive installation. The performance happens in a setting figuring a hand made human sized juke box. The principle is easy and bases on a classical jukebox. The spectators can choose the track they would like to listen; 16 tracks are available per set, but more than 100 can be made ready. This project is evolutionary and participative, each set is different from the other and the fellows don’t hesitate to improvise speeches and theatrical sketches, and bring the public to sing to his utter astonishment.